Different Types Of Umbrellas

Published by Megan Hunter on

Since the invention of umbrellas people have been using them to protect them from rain and direct contact with the sunlight. These are especially used by women a few decades ago as they feel it is much more feminine and stylish as well. If we go back to the history and have a look at the lives of the kings and the emperors we would find that their servant uses to carry the umbrella made of cotton or other fabric above their head and walk behind them. The only thing is those would be squarer shaped more often than circular. They had the once that are not for carrying as well. Nowadays, most people actually do not carry that much. They only carry when there is rain. Otherwise, they use t-caps and hats, but, still, the umbrellas that are fixed in the ground are in use very much and there are several types as well. 

Beach umbrellas:

We all can immediately image that why umbrellas are important for the beach, of course, nobody wants to stay in the sun for a very long period of time, and otherwise, you would be tanner than you want to be. These umbrellas are used big enough to have two beach style chairs so, that you can lay down and enjoy the time or if you want you can have 4 to 5 sitting chairs as well with a small table. 

Commercial umbrellas: 

When it comes to commercial umbrellas Melbourne it is all about customer care. Yes, when you have an open style café or restaurants you have to have umbrellas. Nobody wants to sit in the rain of sunlight to have a brunch or lunch or just coffee. The other reason is that birds are flying all day long. You don’t want bird poop to fall on your customer or in their meal. That is a big no. 

 Promotional umbrellas:

When you want to advertise something promotional umbrellas are quite a good way to do it. That is because when people want shade they would stand under it and of course out of boredom they may see who is sponsoring these umbrellas. You can sponsor the umbrellas for a café or something and at the same time promote your brand to. 

Market Umbrellas: 

Market umbrellas are very much important as they are protecting your stuff if you are selling them in an open style market like flea markets. These umbrellas are quite big in size and provide a lot of shade for your belongings and you. Then it is easier for the customers to see what and pick out what they want to buy. 

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