How 3PL Is Helpful In Fulfilment Service?

Published by Megan Hunter on

Do you want to know about 3pl warehouse Melbourne? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Because, here you will learn about it. 3pl, this word stands for third party logistics. They are connected to different warehouses for the delivery and shipment with laws and regulations. We can say that this is a special service of any warehouse to deliver goods. This service involved the storing and shipping of the goods. the 3pl has so many meanings and purposes in a warehouse. This also provides transportation for the warehouse.


The third-party logistics works differently than the employees of the warehouse. Like with this example we can easily understand how 3pl works. When a book is going to publish they will need a writer, editor, graphic designer and a publication, but they will not going to handle the customer care service. The person who wants to buy the book will contact an online store and any fulfilment centre. These centres will contact the carrier of those orders. Here the fulfilment centre and the book carriers are working as 3PL. only one provider can also work as a 3PL. where he will provide and fulfil the shipment by himself.

Types of third party logistics:

So many companies are providing their services for transportation in different ways. Two basic types of third party logistics are:

A standard 3PL will pick and pack things from a warehouse and deliver it to the customer.

The second type is different and provides different services like they provide special service of security. They will assure specific packaging. They will provide a tracking number for the item they ordered.


There are so many benefits of third party logistics.

  • They can handle the packing of the goods according to the order by the costumers.
  • Picking up some goods is also the benefit of great ecommerce order fulfilment, picking up from the warehouse and then its packing is the major work of 3PL.
  • The transportation for the distribution is also the responsibility of 3PL.
  • These third-party logistics also provide different shipping services for trade.
  • This is the responsibility of 3PL to fulfil the demand of the customer.
  • This service also provides a secure tracking number if it is demanded by the client so that they can track their placed order.
  • This system is always beneficial for the customer.
  • It always works with all safety measures.
  • This third party logistics have a better experience for the transportation and fulfilment of goods.
  • Their IT system is always updated.
  • This 3PL helps companies to focus on their production and quality. Rest of the services like taking orders, picking up, packing and shipping are not in the responsibility of the company.
  • This third party logistics also have flexibility in their work. Like they can provide shipment anywhere according to the geological situation. They can also fulfil orders from different countries.
  • This 3PL handles everything relates to the pick and pack warehouses. They are more reliable than 2PL service.